Data is Key

As stated by David Ferrell, who is the account manager of mobileFUSED, mobileFUSED “takes ownership of the calls being sent to your business as well as works with advertisers and publishers to continuously improve the overall quality of service.” According to Ferrell, one of the primary ways that they do this is by analyzing the data of the calls. The calls for each campaign are listened to in order to create the Quality Feedback Loop SM . mobileFused uses this data to go to the advertiser (you) in order to review what has happened in terms of performance. With this process, clients can learn the success of their calls from the mobileFUSED perspective. David went on to say that they sometimes find that a call center may need training and, through listening to the calls, the client will be able to identify if their call center is providing the excellent services that they expect. Just as well, the data allows mobileFUSED to provide publishers with valuable feedback on the effective calls and provide insight into how the publisher or advertiser can create more sales. Basically, mobileFUSED takes ownership of the campaigns that they participate in and does not “just throw calls over the fence.”

Publishers Are Important

Jennifer Russ, who is the director of publishing , manages the relations with publishers. Her personal philosophy is that everyone has to win. She looks for ways to optimize publisher performance. Through her and other members of mobileFUSED, partnerships are built with publishers in order to create growth for all parties involved. After all, the owners of mobileFUSED began as publishers. Therefore, not only does mobileFUSED value publishers, but they also understand what publishers must go through in order to create advertisers’ campaigns. They know how to treat a publisher, how a publisher might need to improve, and assist publishers in refining their techniques and skills. In other words, not only does mobileFUSED place great importance on publishers and treat them kindly, but they are also invested in helping their publishers grow and improve their craft in order to ensure that everyone benefits from the campaigns.