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There are over 4 billion mobile devices that are currently in circulation across the world and more are being created every day. As the world transitions to a mobile marketplace the people that are able to capitalize and understand mobile marketing today will stand to profit the most. While there is major opportunity there are challenges that stand in the way of realizing the complete potential of mobile advertising. Here are 7 roadblocks to mobile marketing success.

Too many unsold ads: not enough data

The recent data suggests that there is a surplus of several hundreds of billions of impressions that are available across the ad networks. With so much ad space and the availability of being in everyone’s pocket. The problem lies in the lack of transparency and accountability. As technology progresses this surplus may dwindle, but for now there is plenty of general mobile ad space available.

Global Business: Global Mobile

With the way that the internet can bring the world together mobile takes this to a whole new level. Anything that is created in Europe can be viewed on the mobiles devices in Australia on the release date. The majority of the resources however remain around the large cities and are developed by the legacy business of desktop.

Tracking isn’t quite there yet

There isn’t a consistent way to identify, recognize, track, and target mobile devices that is also transparent. Until the metrics catch up with mobile marketing opportunity people aren’t going to switch from their desktop methods until they can see the numbers.

Privacy Matters

As the mobile marketing platforms are relatively new it is hard to ensure the security of the data that you acquire while marketing. The market will have to catch up and protect the consumers and advertisers before mobile marketing is able to reach its full potential.

Fraud Hurts Everyone

Hand in hand with privacy and transparency there is the issue of fraud in the mobile marketplace. It is estimated that of all of the mobile marketing efforts out there at the moment 20% of it is fraud. Until the tracking, privacy and transparency catch up mobile marketing fraud will continue and growth will be stunted.

Download Me

The mobile industry is under pressure to drive downloads of apps and it is causing some advertisers to resort to less than noble tactics. Like most of the issues this will be remedies once the transparency and tracking is innovated upon. Until then consumers have to choice to endure the spam like advertising from some mobile marketers.

Transition from Desktop

Most evolution of technology and society has been about replacing the old with the new and adapting but mobile is different. Although there are some similarities mobile marketing is unique enough to require different strategies and tactics than the desktop marketers are used to. Understanding and amplifying these differences will lead some mobile marketers to capitalize on this fact.

These roadblocks are preventing mobile marketing from its greatness; that is for now anyways. Once the technology catches up allowing transparency and proper tracking mobile marketing will rocket past everything else and become the defacto marketing channel.

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