If your business blog is not generating a lot of leads, you may be missing out on the best opportunity to convert organic Web traffic into action, measured sales inquiries and also the best possible way to show real ROI from your social media investment.

Yes, you read that right! Your blog can be a powerful tool to nurture leads by helping you bring qualified visitors that you can convert. Below are some clever ways to nurture leads with your business blog.

Optimize your landing page for lead generation

  1. Most people are visual learners, so why not create a product video and explain what you offer in ways that speak to the majority? When videos are done correctly, they keep people engaged and encourage them to take action.

Keep spam out of your vocabulary

  1. Tests were run on signup forms that included phrases such as 100% privacy and we will never spam you. This reduced conversions by 20%. You can get more creative to assure privacy, just leave out the word spam.

Try squinting

  1. Try squinting or perhaps a few glasses of wine, your choice, then take a look at your website. Can you still see your call to action clearly?

Again, some tests were run on the call to action, one having more of a contrast that passed the squint test which resulting in an increase of leads by over 500%.

Less is better

  1. Less choices mean less confusion and less confusion generates more leads. Limit your call to action to one.

Content marketing for lead generation

  1. Add opt-in forms to your videos by using Wistia’s Turnstile. It even allows you to set the form to show in time with a verbal call to action.

Use good posts as downloads in exchange for an email

  1. Offer an option to download a post in PDF format in exchange for an email, it can generate many more leads per day.

About page needs to be optimized

  1. Your about page is extremely important to your business. It is where your visitors see who you really are and what you’re all about; a perfect place to add a call to action.

Consistently blog

  1. This only works if you actually do it! Blogging is effective in lead generation. However, most businesses give up after a few months when they don’t see results. That’s why the key word here is consistently blog…keep at it!

Once you have built some traffic to your website, make it easy for your readers by adding relevant call to actions to blog posts.

Optimize content

  1. In depth posts take awhile to right but they can have a high payoff in the long run. If they are done right they can become valuable content that continues to bring traffic long after they were published.

Social media for lead generation

  1. Twitter can be useful but sometimes it can be a waste of your time. Follower wonk can help you identify and filter leads so you don’t waste your time on leads that need to much attention.

By Linking to a landing page on the same subject as the tweet this will help keep the conversation going and result in an increase of conversions.

Tweets need to be promoted

  1. Tweets that are promoted are a form of sponsored content. Even though you are paying to put yourself in front of an audience, the tweets should still be like other typical tweets. Keep them fun and valuable.


  1. LinkedIn is worth investing your time. Right now there is ample opportunity to be noticed. LinkedIn far surpasses other social networks for lead generation.

Getting read on LinkedIn is just one part. You also need to create a strong offer along with a landing page in order to get leads.

Twitter cards

  1. The use of lead cards makes it easy to capture leads right in the stream of activity on Twitter. It is similar to the sign up box you have on most blog posts.

Use Quora for questions and answers

  1. Use Quora for questions and answers to get direct exposure to leads asking for your solution by creating a profile with links to your landing page or website. They have recently added full text search allowing you to search any term reducing the amount of discussions to look through that are irrelevant.

Use Slide Share

  1. Slide Share has millions of visitors each month and having a pro plan allows you to gather leads right from the platform. If you don’t want to pay it is still a great option for lead generation. Simply link to a landing page in the description, profile or presentation.