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For the past few years mobile devices have been adopted at a dizzying pace and mobile marketing is just starting to catch-up. In 2013, there are going to be some major strides in digital marketing especially concerning the mobile sphere. If you want to get the biggest bang for your marketing dollars the following trends will give you valuable insight into how mobile marketing and commerce are likely to shake out in 2013.

1. Mobile Marketing is Here
It has been a relatively slow adoption of mobile marketing but in 2013 most of the businesses are going to expand their mobile sites, mobile commerce, mobile apps and mobile features such as click to call. Utilizing the tools that are available small businesses can integrate with Facebook and other social media as a first step if they don’t want to spend the money on creating a mobile optimized website. Whether or not your small business has embraced mobile marketing up to this point, it is vital to the health of your business that you start or further develop your digital marketing in 2013.

2. Content and Content Promotions are New SEO
Once you have the infrastructure setup for mobile marketing you have to bring the traffic to your mobile website by having good content. Making sure that you take the time to understand or outsource keyword research, content creation, SEO optimization, social media, pay-per-call, and search engine rankings, will help you deploy an effective digital marketing strategy in 2013.

3. Email Marketing – Re-focus on Mobile
As the growing numbers of people use their mobile devices for all of their online needs, they will start using it more and more for email. Making sure that your mobile marketing strategy includes optimized messages for mobile will allow your company to capitalize on these mobile users. Some interesting differences with mobile email are that the message on average needs to be consumed in 8 seconds or less, and should include a strong call to action that is engaging and clear, with an integrated feature such as click to call.

4. Social Advertising is the Next Big Mobile Marketing Trend
Most businesses have a mobile website in some form but they have not realized the full potential of integrating social advertising into their digital marketing plan. Engaging with people through social media will increase brand awareness and if done properly help further the authority of your company.

5. Simplicity and Subtly will Reign
In this ever busying world of distractions and blatant in your face advertising 2013 will see a transition to more subtle advertising and simple messages. People are over stimulated and delivering a subtle mobile marketing message a few times will yield better results than the current in your face approach.

Understanding these trends will help you and your business to start creating and boosting your mobile marketing methods. Mobile is here to stay and making sure to create good contain, focus email marketing to mobile, harness social advertising and keep it simple, will help you to maximize this success. At the bare minimum you should have a mobile optimized website with click to call integration and then expand using the trends of 2013 as a guide.

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