When starting up a new business, one first burst of entrepreneurial energy should get you momentum.

Your idea is good and you also have the knowledge and passion to make it happen. You wouldn’t be starting a new business if you didn’t already have a good idea where to find your first few customers.

With all that you can most likely build some momentum and begin to see your growth advancing. As you continue to climb it could become an upward battle and you begin to slow down. You must realize that it has nothing to do with how good your business is or how good you are at what you do.

It just may be that many of those new customers you thought you would find are actually hard to find. You do know they are out there somewhere, but how do you find them and have them come to you?

At this point, you may need to stop concentrating on finding customers, but rather concentrate on getting leads.

Things will look differently when you start to build lead generation routinely. When lead generation is done right, it can provide a steady flow of prospects forming a pool of leads which will eventually become your new customers.

Let’s start with what is referred to as the content upgrade, the opt-in bribe or the lead magnet. The point behind this method is to give something useful in exchange for someone’s email address. The following are 5 options to feel more than fair to opt-in.

1. Rather than just providing your leads one useful resource, why not give them several resources by creating a PDF of all your favorite tools to reach a certain goal.

2. If you are looking for someone to sign up for a news letter, provide instant recompense with bonuses such as an e-book for signing up.

3. Offer your leads a taste of something such as a short consultation or one chapter of an e-book to inspire them to want more.

4. Need an audience for unveiling something big? Provide your people that signed up for your unveiling notification list a launch preview; a free first look.

5. Take notes at a big event such as an industry conference that you know would be interesting for your leads but that they wouldn’t be able to attend. Share this with them by creating a document, and put it on a landing page you created as a download. Share it by posting the link on any forums or groups you are affiliated with.

Lead Generation via Multimedia

6. According to a Google survey, “how to” searches on YouTube are on the rise. If you have any do it yourself skills that endorse your business, take advantage of this by creating a how-to webinar.

7. Create a question and answer webinar that specializes in something people would want. Have them opt-in in order to ask you for it. Most people find this very rewarding and it’s the easiest kind of webinar create.

8. Host a live stream to provide a link to your landing page or opt-in number so viewers can obtain a relevant resource.

9. Create a streaming webinar with a partner as a co-host that has complementary skill sets; you each gain exposure and create new leads from each other’s audience.

10. Give podcasting a plus by taking advantage to inspire listeners to text your lead digit for a related download to the topic. You can do this during the intro or at the end. This idea can work whether you are a guest or a host.

11. If you have a product, you could encourage visitors from your site to obtain a video of how to use your product.

12. Take advantage of YouTube by posting a video on a popular topic. Then use the in video link to send viewers to your landing page to watch a full length tutorial or the next installment on a how-to series.

Expand your Audience

13. Link a guest post to your landing page and opt-in bribe made just for those reading the post’s.

14. LinkedIn is a place for people to go to advance their career, so you can run an ad to a LinkedIn landing page that offers something to help improve a professional skill.

15. Target social ads by sending highly targeted Facebook ads that run to equally specific landing pages.

Use behavioral targeted features along with lookalike audiences to put your ad in the view of people who need what you do.

16. Use Pinterest for prospecting if you have a strong user base by posting promoted pins that link to a blog containing great opt-in opportunities.

17. If you are a common user of Twitter, you may be familiar with Twitter takeovers. That is when one person hands over the control to another person for a specific period of time. You could try an email takeover and trade with another partner or entrepreneur using a Lead Link to grab new leads from inside the email.

Websites, Landing Pages and Blog Posts

18. Take advantage of the power of the press. This method can work well if you already have an ongoing Column, your business is being featured in an online publication; you are the subject of a piece or are being consulted as an expert. Provide a link to your business and gear the landing page toward the readers of the publication.

19. If you have a blog add a Lead Box to each blog post that provides a relevant content upgrade.

20. Provide different format options for the use of content. Perhaps offer a slide deck video post, an audio format of a blog post or a transcript from a podcast.