mobileFUSED Makes Business Personal.

At mobileFUSED, they get to know their clients’ businesses and constantly work to provide the highest quality of calls. They want to help each company grow. They form a partnership with their clients in order to determine the goals of that individual company, how they can best provide callers for them, and how the business is operated as well as how it can be improved. In fact, mobileFUSED uses test runs with new clients in order to learn exactly what they need from the calls. They work with businesses and publishers to ensure that each party is happy and everyone improves performance through working with one another. Essentially, mobileFUSED is the provider that goes the extra mile. They invest themselves in each client and strive to provide only the best calls, while other providers often only provide the calls without ensuring their quality or committing themselves to the success of the campaign.

Have You Ever Heard of the Quality Feedback LoopSM?

The Quality Feedback LoopSM is mobileFUSED’s main tactic for ensuring the success of your campaign. Before using the Quality Feedback LoopSM , mobileFUSED consults with you about your past campaigns and how they can improve your conversions and decrease your cost per acquisition. Then, they research your customer base and build a customer persona. They begin developing a targeted mobile search campaign that will reach your ideal customers. This helps them to determine the best publishers that reach your markets and create a partnership that will begin driving calls to your call center. Then, they create a custom Interactive Voice Response (IVR), which is basically a greeting or recording that will segment out unwanted calls and funnel the traffic to the advertiser or to hangup messages. mobileFUSED then monitors these calls in order to ensure their quality and consistently improve their services.

For the Quality Feedback LoopSM , mobileFUSED first uses the perfect lead in order to determine the callers that you want. Then, they discuss pricing to achieve the perfect Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) and quality as well as a number of calls. They create effective traffic sources by working closely with hand-selected publishers in order to provide the highest chances for success. From there, they provide a smart call router that filters traffic in order to create the optimal lead. They monitor, analyze, and share the disposition calls to gain key insights and identify what can be improved. Finally, they continue to utilize the call center process and repeat the cycle in order to ensure that they are providing you with the highest quality of calls so your business can flourish.