To get the most out of content marketing, as a way to improve organic search performance, drive sales and leads and enhance SEO, marketer should implement the following strategies:

1: Know Who Your Audience Is

It is important to first know who your audience is, what is valuable to them and what exactly they are looking for before you engage with potential clients. In order to do this you need to do some market research to find out what kind of websites they visit. The websites will provide a list of prospects for your content.

2: Use Images

When using content marketing you want to inspire your prospects, customers, and viewers to share your content with their connections online. Using engaging, large images in your content is a great way to do that. The summary that others see should include a thumbnail. This draws more attention and will produce more CTRs. Remember to tag your images properly so they also show up in searches which will provide authority to your brand’s content.

3: Create Fresh Content

You won’t get much attention from your audience by using regurgitated content. Always use content that you pulled from various sources and make it a fresh perspective. Provide a new insight that your audience may not have already seen.

4: Promote your Content

Use a variety of channels to promote your content such as social media, display advertising, public relations, emails, etc., to let your customers know about any new content resources.

5: Use References

People love to see their names in print and will be more likely to share your content for free which will spread exposure and have a greater influence for your brand and its proficiency. So be sure to mention in your content any references that are influential or have authority on your topic.

6: Leverage Tagging and Mark-up Opportunities

Your page features can be used to help customers find your content easier by using Meta tags, image alt tags and targeted keywords in title tags. This will help your content show up in searches.

7: Demonstrate Value

Instead of just saying what your company does, explain why you do it. Demonstrate value of your services or products to your audience and how it would enrich their lives; they will be more likely to engage.

8: Be Crystal Clear

Only provide your audience well researched, factual information to earn their trust. Those that have nothing to hide, hide nothing. If they feel you are hiding something, they may be less likely to share your content.

9: Keep the Conversation Going

To maintain the engagement of your content, keep the conversation going by answering any questions they may have via social media or in your comment box.

10: Keep Track of your Success

Marketing campaigns provide learning curves that can be useful for future campaigns. Be sure to track certain indicators such as inbound links, conversations, visits, social shares and leads generated by each piece of content. That will give you a better understanding of what kind of content works best, how, when and where you promote it.

Content marketing is a great way to offer brands a high potential for return. Taking advantage of the best practices will help bring success whether the goal is developing better SEO performance, sale/lead generation or even a combination of both.