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Half of the world’s population, approximately 3.5 billion people, have a mobile device and the number of new mobile users is growing every day. Mobile marketing is the fastest growing marketing opportunity that has ever existed, and it is still one of the most cost effective mediums for instant and targeted marketing. Using pay per call and other mobile marketing methods allows you to capitalize on this opportunity and carve out your own piece of the market. Morgan Stanley analysts are predicting that the mobile web will be bigger than desktop internet before 2015, if you don’t have a good mobile marketing strategy in place there is no better time to start.

This growing mobile market is a very unique market as well as they have it presents an anywhere-anytime marketing and subsequent purchasing opportunity. Mobile marketing is the most personal and individual marketing opportunity that you can have aside from in person, one on one conversations. In order to fully utilize the potential of the growing mobile market you need to start implementing click to call, pay per call and other mobile marketing strategies as soon as you can. The vast number of digital marketing strategies that you can utilize is growing every day and here are a few of the mobile marketing options that are being utilized right now: mobile websites, mobile augmented reality, QR codes, location-based services, mobile apps, video advertising, and SMS alerts. With all of the available methods you should take the time to develop and implement a great mobile marketing strategy that incorporates one of more of these options.

Being aware that this marketing opportunity is available is the first step but you have to then take advantage in whichever way suits your business. The essentials for any business would be to have an optimized mobile website created that integrates click to call functionality. With customers searching for what you are offering in your local area this seems like the bare minimum that you would want to have established to take advantage of this cost effective mobile marketing.

Having a good mobile marketing strategy that includes a mobile website featuring pay per call, will help your business get a foot into this growing market and amazing opportunity. After you find some success with these simple digital marketing strategies you can expand and realize the true potential of this opportunity.

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