Pay Per Call Advertising Services

While the prospective clients of a company search on the web to find about a business, the advertisement of that company offers them a phone number where they can call the company just with a click. Actually, this is a qualified sales lead, calling the prospective clients to win the business. This is known as Pay Per Call advertising. This type of advertising is now offered by Google and some other affiliate networks, which allow people to call a company by dialing a special number, which is displayed on the ads.

Smartphone users can make the call by clicking mobile pay per call ads directly, which is available through different networks of publishers which are managed by the affiliate networks.

Here come the benefits of Pay Per Call services:

  1.   Pay only while any client calls
  2.   Set almost any budget on daily basis
  3.   No cost needed in case of fraudulent clicks
  4.   Ideal for the business owners since they only need to pay while get qualified leads on phone
  5.   Here the cost per lead can even be really low

Considering the importance of Pay Per Call service, mobileFUSED offers specialized Pay Per Call management service, which includes setting up the account, designing landing pages and campaign and bid management. These campaigns are flexible and therefore these can run along with the existing pay per click advertisement campaign of a business or can also be set up as an affiliate or separate mobile campaign, where the visitors can directly call the number without the requirement of clicking on the ad.

At this company, we help our clients to eliminate the hassle of different pay-per-call advertising campaigns from various service providers. So, by availing this service, the business owners will have a single point of contact to track the process of the campaign, while managing the budget and maximizing ROI.

The Pay-Per-Call experts of our company always ensure that only potential customers will call the businesses. Here the calls can be received from the audience on both offline and online media.

If you are ready to receive the best payouts in the industry, use one of the kind call tracking and work with a team that understands your needs get in contact with us today.

Now let’s have a look at the reasons to work with us:

  • We have thorough experience in this field, even though the field of Pay-Per-Call is comparatively new.
  • We offer innovative Pay Per Call service for the clients while recognizing the detail what it can do for the businesses of our clients.
  • Here we offer ROI focused measurable results on PPP, which help our clients to reduce their cost per acquisition.
  • We have complete knowledge in PPP and therefore we are knowledgeable about the things that work and that don’t.
  • We have a great expertise in this field and therefore, we know well about the ways to set up campaigns, manage the campaigns while creating some effective advertisements.
  • We are known for offering the best quality services. Therefore, you can rely on our additional support services whenever you need.
  • Last but not least, by choosing us, you can keep your costs under complete control

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