pay per call

As more and more users start using mobile devices the rise of pay per call as an advertising strategy only makes sense. Pay per click marketing was a great money maker for Google and a great way for companies to market online in the past, but now that mobile search is exploding, the pay per call mobile marketing method is now taking over. The mobile users are searching for local businesses and then utilizing the click to call function as they can easily transition from search to call from their mobile devices. Being able to utilize this growing trend will help your business and improve the effectiveness of your overall digital marketing strategy.

The prevalence of mobile search is exploding; mobile search is slated to pass desktop search by end of 2013. With all of the users that are already using mobile devices for online searches and browsing the industry is experiencing exponential growth. Utilizing this opportunity to integrate a pay per call mobile marketing strategy will allow you to capitalize on this cost effective technique and ever expanding market. Pay per click, although it remains a great way to gain targeted clients, is fast becoming an expensive method as more big business with large advertising spends are able to push out the small businesses.

The increase of mobile search will result in more people calling the business for more information or to make a purchase. This increase in calls subsequently will increase the number of businesses that will use pay-per-call campaigns as part of their mobile marketing strategy. Every effort should be made to capitalize on this mobile marketing opportunity while it remains cost effective.

Research shows that inbound telephone calls produce conversions of 15 to 20 times more frequently than inbound web leads. The data also reveals that pay-per-call market may end up being 5 times larger than the pay per click market has been. Knowing this, your company