Mobile vs other media: A Caller’s Journey

You hit rock bottom.  Finally, you realize it: You need help.

For countless Americans struggling with drug or alcohol addiction, this is the first step towards changing their lives.  And it begins at that very moment, when they pick up their phone and search for help.

When that moment comes, where you decide to turn around your life and reclaim it from addiction, there is a clear sense of urgency.  There’s no sense in waiting until you see a TV commercial for rehab, or hear one on the radio, to pick up the phone.  You need to talk to someone right now.

That is why mobile search is so important, and why it has to be the core of any marketing plan.  People search on their phones or tablets when the moment hits them: when they decide it’s time to buy insurance, time to get rid of their debt, or simply time to get help.  What’s more, people that need help are vulnerable – they don’t want to just fill out a generic internet form, don’t want to wait until someone decides to call them back – they want to talk to someone immediately, and get some answers as soon as possible.

That’s why mobile pay per call works, why the industry is growing so rapidly, and will continue to do so.

According to HubSpot, more Google searches take place on mobile devices than on desktop computers – a trend that will continue to grow.  Voice searches, such as through Siri, are currently 20% of all mobile searches.  Again, this number will only increase as voice search – a fairly recent technology – continues to gain acceptance and consumers find it easier than typing searches.  Accordingly, mobile searches as a whole will grow along with it.

So you search on your phone, right now, before the moment passes and you fall back into bad habits.  You find an ad for addiction treatment, click on it, and the phone starts ringing.  What then?

Well, you arrive at a menu, with an automatic keypress option, asking you what you are really looking for.  Do you just want to find an Alcohol Anonymous meeting? Or do you need to stay somewhere where you can get 24/7 help until you’re able to live your life clean and sober?  If so, do you have insurance? You feel like you’re getting somewhere, so you press the button – you want to have inpatient treatment, and are relieved that your insurance may pay for it.

Now, comes the most important part – talking with a live person who is able to get you the help you need.  As any salesperson will tell you, this is the single, most critical step – the close.  When the caller gives the representative his or her insurance information and is admitted into a rehab facility, or when the caller submits payment for insurance, luxury items or whatever the pay per call program was set up for.  After all, that’s what it is all about.

Yet, amazingly, this is often the most neglected part of the sales process.  According to a recent study by EConsultancy, for every $92 a business spends on acquiring leads, only $1 is spent converting them.  To make pay per call truly work, this has to change.

That is why MobileFUSED dedicates so much time and effort towards call monitoring, reporting and assistance with call center training – not just on sending the calls the client pays for.  We only grow our business if our clients grow theirs.  That can only happen if leads become conversions.

Any representative from a rehab center has to understand they are talking to someone who is vulnerable, unsure, but just made a courageous decision to seek help.  Empathy and patience are critical, every bit as much as convincing a caller to commit to being admitted and providing their insurance.  We’ve spent thousands of hours listening to calls, and this comes through time and time again.

Those call centers who take the time to train their representatives, who strive to continue to improve by utilizing MobileFUSED call dispositioning and reporting, can see tremendous results and truly grow their business through our services.  No other industry can grab a consumer’s attention at the very moment they are most ready to purchase or make a change, and take them step-by-step towards commitment – they way mobile pay per call can.

Give us a call, and we will be happy to prove it.

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