Mobile Marketing

Getting new leads is always a major concern that all businesses face. They may have a great product or services, but without leads there is no one that will be able to see the offering. If no one sees the offering then no one can buy the offering. By getting a good mobile marketing plan and process in place you can start to fill the sales pipeline and generate leads. Using mobile marketing strategies to capitalize on social marketing buzz, mobile advertising such as pay per call, partnerships, and brand management, will enable your business to generate as many needs as it requires. Depending on the size of your company your specific strategy will be different but having a plan and working the plan are the core skills that will make the difference.

The two core factors that are most important to most businesses are time and cost. The faster and more cost effective mobile marketing method will be the most useful.

Online pay-per-call advertising campaigns

The quickest method by far will be advertising through Google or with one of the other pay-per-call publishers and setting up a campaign. The networks will serve up your ad with the option for mobile users to click on the message and instantly be connected to you via phone. Making sure that you set the appropriate criteria for running the ad will allow specification and targeting of your ideal clients. The more you can test and refine your mobile advertising target leads the better your return on investment (ROI) will be.

Mobile Social Networking

Businesses should be making a concerted effort to understand how to effectively market with social media. Having a proper mobile social media marketing strategy will allow your company to make the relationships that it needs. Having a good relationship with your customer and potential business partners is easy and inexpensive to do with social media marketing if you know what you are doing. The ROI on social media marketing is not as clear cut as pay per call advertising but it can lead to great business partnerships or a fast way to interact with your customers directly.

Optimize the Mobile Landing Page

Having a point of access or focus point is important for generating leads easily, independent of your mobile marketing methods, is necessary to run a cost effective mobile advertising campaign. Making sure that you mobile website is responsive and all of the features, such as pay-per-call, are working will help tie all of your efforts together. Drive all of your efforts to the mobile landing page and only gather one piece of information and be sure to follow-up.

By implementing these three core mobile marketing strategies you will the ability to generate as many leads as you need for your business. Learning about each of these methods will help to increase your efficiency which will drive the costs down and ROI up.

Mobile Marketing