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Developing your mobile marketing strategy has to be focused around a purpose, such as getting leads. If you develop all of the digital marketing methods around getting leads in the most cost effective ways you will spend time and money making these methods easier to use and more efficient. The following are the top 5 tips for getting leads with mobile marketing.

Use What’s Available

There are a number of different tools and methods that have already been developed for mobile marketing. Use the available mobile marketing tactics such as mobile optimized website, click per call or pay per call, mobile social media, mobile optimized landing pages and QR codes. Developing an overarching digital marketing plan will allow you to draw in as many leads as possible.

Cut through the Noise

People are bombarded by mobile marketing and advertising messages all day every day, but to be effective you need to cut through the noise. Using mobile marketing messages that are simple, relevant and connect with consumers will let you accomplish this. Make sure that all of your tactics such as QR codes and click to call are integrated and add value to your customer’s mobile experience and garner more leads.

Be One with Your Customer

Start to develop your mobile marketing plan around the habits your target customers have, and the groups that they are a part of. Making your digital marketing more about the customer and making it convenient will translate into higher opt-in rates for your offerings.

Use Click to Call or Pay per Call

Having a mobile optimized website with the contact and click to call functionality built in with a clean design will allow you to collect leads more easily. Once the lead capture mechanism is in place and it feels natural and valuable your whole mobile marketing strategy becomes driving more people through this capture. The better the mechanism the more leads that you will be able to get.

Embrace SMS

SMS is a great tool to foster the relationship with the leads and generate more leads through sharing. Building a list of leads a great first step but following up through SMS will allow not only repeat buys but it will also give people time to come around. Having a longer term mobile marketing strategy that uses SMS is a great way to cultivate the leads.

Mobile marketing is a great strategy for obtaining leads and it will become more and more popular as people continue to go mobile. Using click to call and optimized landing pages will allow your lead capture mechanism to convert prospects into leads.

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