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Despite the continued adoption by global brands the mobile advertising market hasn’t taken off yet and still has plenty of potential to increase. Most of the revenue – over 70% comes from apps – from mobile marketing and companies are still testing the waters in regards to their mobile advertising budgets. Even though the number of mobile devices outnumbers the amount of toothbrushes there are on the plant – estimated 5 billion mobile devices – mobile advertising hasn’t matured to a point where it is able to make a huge impact. We’re still in the early days but there are promising results as more companies experiment with mobile marketing.

The days of traditional text benefit ads are retreating, and a new form of integrated or enhanced marketing is gaining traction. Adding value to the customer’s experience either through graphics, tools, or information allows the mobile marketing to feel more synergistic and less intrusive. With the advent of social media having something compelling and worth sharing will help to drive your mobile marketing efforts forward and leverage the social networks. By making a comprehensive mobile marketing plan that capitalizes on all aspects of the mobile advertising and social media you will position your company to take advantage when the tide turns and everyone jumps on board.

The mobile marketplace is more of an ecosystem of information sharing than it is just ad space. By integrating apps or mobile marketing features such as pay per call you are able to advertise by helping the customer with something that they need. This new dynamic of give and take is driving the integration of some of the more successful mobile marketing effort with their customers’ habits. Take for example the Starbuck’s app that was simply an easier way to pay, but it generated over a hundred million dollars in 2011 that wouldn’t have been captured is the mobile marketed app wasn’t introduced.

Branding your mobile marketing efforts is one of the biggest opportunities that people miss when they are trying make a successful go at the mobile advertising. By branding around a useful tool that people use and enjoy will cause them to want to share it with their networks and stretch your advertising dollars with the free promotion. Making a brand that people are happy to share and that provides rich media content will amplify any dollars spent by having the possibility of being shared for free with people’s networks.

Making the interaction with your mobile marketing about the customer and taking away barriers to share your message will go a long way to help your business prosper with this new medium. Take the time to ensure that your mobile presence is viewed as a welcomed presence and this will translate into increased success from your mobile marketing efforts. Think of customer experience every time you engage in mobile advertising and you will be poised to capitalize on the opportunity as it matures.

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