Mobile Marketing

When you are generating leads with your mobile marketing strategy it is important to take into consideration the best practices to help you maximize any leads that you get. It takes effort and resources to get leads and not optimizing your mobile advertising efforts is just throwing money out the window. Once you have the leads you can follow-up by email or phone call and hopefully convert them into a sale, but it all starts with getting the lead.

Optimize your Mobile Campaign

When people visit your mobile website or view one of your mobile ads they often have a predetermined expectation of what they will get when they click through. Aligning their expectation with what will actually be available when they click is important to maximize the quality of the lead and save money. Make sure that when using mobile ads you optimize keywords and use negative keywords when required to further qualify the prospect. Although the click doesn’t overtly cost you any money when it is within your mobile website it may cause the prospect to leave and go to a competitor if they can’t get what they expect or want. Monitoring your bounce rates and the conversion rates will help to analyze the effects of various buttons or ads. If you can, use customer feedback and factor this in to your mobile marketing strategy to improve your return on investment.

Have and Optimize your Mobile Landing Page

Wherever the traffic is coming from you want to make sure that it lands on a specific page that will drive your lead generation, sales, or other data capture; often referred to as a landing page. It is just as important to get traffic as it is to use it properly. By making sure that you have a clean landing page that meets or exceeds their expectations is a great start. Ensuring that it is easy to use and has a clear call to action that is worth using will further optimize this experience. If you can fill out some of the information or just ask for one piece of information your success rate of your lead capture will increase dramatically. The harder you make it for people to help you the less they will. If you can only capture their email or phone number you can then use it to follow up and further gain the necessary information, but upon first contact keep it simple.

Qualify the Leads

Making the landing page and general mobile marketing campaign generate leads is one thing but generating quality leads take a little more effort. Optimizing your mobile advertising dollars requires you to clearly state you objective and get your mobile ads in front of the right prospects. There are also automated programs that crawl the web to generate spam that can cost you dearly if you don’t use a captcha or similar detraction. Although you want to keep the barriers as low as possible you still want to have a few to help weed out the unqualified leads or spam.

Mobile marketing and advertising is a new channel and it will evolve and improve over the next few years. By generating quality leads and reducing the barriers that your prospects face you will increase the number of leads as well as the conversion rate from those more qualified prospects. These best practices for generating leads in mobile marketing will increase your results and should be understood as the basic foundation for any lead generation system.

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