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With the recent decision of eBay to stop advertising within its own apps because it was spoiling the user experience is telling of where the mobile marketing industry is headed. Brands and companies that are more focused on the benefits to the customer over the short term financial gains will lead this new trend of customer satisfaction. Realizing that there is so much competition the companies that are able to integrate and enhance the mobile experience will stand to gain the most from the growing number of mobile device users. Mobile advertising can still be a part of your overall mobile marketing plan but realizing that there are so many different things that you can do with mobile marketing will help to put you in the right frame of mind.

As social media networks can attest people like interaction and basing your mobile marketing strategy on interacting with your customers in a way that enhances their mobile experience will work out better than just putting up some mobile ads. Having a mobile marketing campaign that adds value and gets people excited is a great way to encourage participation and ultimately sales from your mobile marketing efforts. Be sure to setup a clean easy way to purchase your offering and then work on driving traffic to it by adding value to your customers’ mobile experience either through apps, information, entertainment, or rewards.

The more interesting your message the more likely it is that people will want to engage with your company. Making sure that you are keep the mobile advertising in its place and focus on the customer experience will help for people to associate your brand with something favorable.

The future of mobile marketing is headed towards location based targeting and real-time bidding. By integrating these features into your optimized mobile website now you will be able to capitalize on all of the local searches in your area. These local searches can be turned into leads with a pay per call strategy that makes the whole process easier and more convenient for the customer. It is estimated that people keep their mobile devices within 3 feet of themselves 24 hours a day, and never before could you have access to so many people all the time. Learning how to properly implement a mobile marketing strategy then becomes much more important versus simply throwing up a mobile ad.

As mobile marketing becomes more popular it is likely going to be the centerpiece of many companies’ entire marketing strategies. Using this medium properly will allow you to create unparalleled interaction and communication with your customers so that you can have top of mind awareness and maximize your overall marketing efforts.

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