mobile marketing

In 2012, a survey revealed that 84% of small businesses that use mobile marketing in some form, report an increase in new business. The fact is that more and more people are using mobile devices as their primary online research tool and you will benefit by putting a mobile marketing strategy into place sooner rather than later. Starting small with a mobile optimized website and then adding the functionality of pay-per-call or click to call as digital marketing strategies will allow you to take advantage of the growing trend of mobile users performing more mobile searches.

All small businesses need a mobile marketing strategy but what are some of the cost effective strategies that they can deploy? There are a number of different things that you as a small business owner can do to capitalize on the growing mobile audience such as: creating a responsive design or at least mobile optimized website that integrates the click to call feature, making sure that all of your business contact and address information is clearly visible when someone visits your website or social media profile, and monitoring the reviews that your customers post on online review websites. Using social media and review websites to collect data and interact with the consumers will allow you to tailor not only your mobile marketing message but also your offerings.

The volume of people that you can market to with a good mobile marketing strategy is expanding and you have the ability to reach them at a fraction of the cost of traditional advertising methods. Not only is the cost lower but because of local searches and selective marketing you can specifically target your customers with more precision and effectively only pay for consumers that are looking to buy what you offer. Employing various strategies such as pay-per-call and click to call on your optimized mobile website will allow you to gain more customers and capitalize on the warmer leads.

The amount of mobile users is expanding every day and you should capitalize on the opportunity to reach them while it’s available. Implementing a good overall digital marketing strategy that focuses on mobile marketing will allow you to compete with the growing amount of competition of online small businesses. Using a click to call mobile marketing technique could give you the boost that you are looking for to grow your small business.