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As mobile devices become more and more popular, companies are beginning to realize that there is a great opportunity to generate leads from mobile marketing. Using mobile marketing to effectively generate leads is an extremely cost effective method when you understand a few core concepts. The faster that you can grasp and utilize the core concepts the better you can build mobile marketing into your overall digital marketing strategy.

Direction is Conversion

Designing a good flow from initial contact to sale will allow you to fine tune the aspects and focus on converting the consumer into a lead. Understanding that people are using different devices with different intentions and optimizing the experience with click to call, QR codes or an optimized mobile landing page will increase your lead capture rates.

Mobile Marketing is Highly Specific

The opportunity that is available with mobile marketing to essentially get into the pocket of your target customer is unparalleled. It’s been said that 63% of the people that own a mobile device area within 3 feet of it for 91% of the day; even sleeping right beside it. This presents an amazing opportunity to reach people with a good mobile marketing campaign and generate leads.

People want Convenience

If there is faster ways for people to become a lead, make sure that you build that into your system. Tools such as auto-fill will help to generate more leads as there are fewer barriers to become a lead. Make it so that it takes only a single tap to become a lead and your digital marketing efforts will be rewarded.

Test, Test, Test

There are a lot of other companies that are marketing a similar product or service as you are and sometimes the difference comes down to design or ease of use. Make sure that the mobile marketing messages that you are putting out are simple and are visually appealing. It is a terrible thing if you have an amazing product or service but your lead generation system isn’t up to par.

Mobile marketing offers a lot of opportunity and a lot of different methods. Make sure that you explore as many avenues that you can to generate leads such as: optimized mobile website or landing pages, click to call or pay per call functions, QR codes, or SMS follow-up. The more complete your digital marketing plan becomes the more leads you can effectively generate.

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