mobile marketing

In any business you need leads to be successful and the more the better! Nothing in your business can do its job unless you get leads that start to work their way down your sales funnel. You could have the best sales funnel and the highest conversion rates with your mobile marketing, but if you don’t have the leads all of these amazing business processes will be idle. So how do you get more leads? Below there are 6 ways to generate more leads without spending a lot of money.

Tip 1: Start with Value

The most important way to ensure that you have tons of leads coming into your business either through pay per call or any other mobile marketing method is by making sure that you give away quality real value consistently. This can take the form of a blog, newsletter or podcast. The important thing is to stay on the top of people’s minds and have lots of value out there for them to stumble upon to make initial contact such as pay per call buttons or email captures.

Tip 2: A Warm Small List is better than a Cold Huge One

Basically it does you no good to market to a bunch of people that don’t want your product or service, and really are unlikely to have a need for it in the future. It is far better to develop a list of highly qualified people that need what you have and just keep in regular contact by sending them value. Consistently try to qualify your database and clear out anyone that isn’t likely to become interested and is just sticking around for the value. This will allow you to focus your mobile marketing and other resources where they’ll make the most impact.

Tip 3: Use all forms of media

Simply putting your message out there using one method won’t probably get you the best results. In this day and age where mobile marketing is king, you have to be as diverse as possible and be where your customers are looking. It takes a lot more resources to bring them away from what they are doing rather than just go to them and market on their terms.

Tip 4: Make it simple

People buy because they want things at that moment and the more barriers that are up the less likely they will buy with you. Using a one click pay per call button or a pre-filled form will allow you to maximize your efforts and increase the effectiveness of getting more leads. Make it as easy as possible for people to get into your sales cycle through social and mobile marketing; then pare off the people that are just tire kicking.

Tip 5: Leverage your Efforts

Make sure that you are maximizing not only the content and making it easy for them to become leads, but also make it a priority to have them share your content with their networks. A simple share feature that is properly incorporated will allow you to leverage all of your efforts by having your leads and customers become mobile marketing zealots for your cause. As long as the content is good and you give people a reason to share they will send your message around to their networks with one click.

Tip 6: Give them what they Want

Make sure that you are testing and tweaking your offer and methods based on collected feedback from your customers and leads. Don’t pass up the opportunity to collect data that will help move your mobile marketing efforts forward and make your offer more appealing to people when they see it. The opposite of having a bunch of leads that aren’t valuable to you is to have valuable leads not clicking through because you didn’t say the right thing or the pay per call button wasn