mobile marketing

Local mobile advertising is quickly becoming the most sought after advertising platform for small businesses. Targeting the local traffic allows you to increase the amount of clients and business that your mobile marketing campaign can produce. As this opportunity is relatively new it is easy to get caught up in activities that waste your time or money, but if you listen to the following do’s and don’ts of local mobile advertising you will be able to maximize this opportunity.

Do convince mobile users to share location data by offering value them value such as discounts, information, or exclusive offerings.

Don’t wait for mobile users to start adopting the sharing of their location data, give them a clear value and reason for adopting. A big part of your mobile marketing strategy has to be trading value for access either to their location or to add them to your list.

Do recognize that local advertising is going to cost more as other advertisers bid for this naturally more valuable advertising. Take advantage of this relatively new medium for targeted advertising and incorporate you contact details and click to call functionality while it is still cost effective.

Don’t define your Geo-fence area that you are targeting with your digital marketing campaign too narrowly. Realize that a few blocks is probably not enough area to target in order to have an impact, because you won