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Mobile advertising revenue worldwide has grown at least 50% faster last year than was predicted which amounted to a sum of almost $3 billion in 2012. North America has been the leader in this growth as it outpaced expectations revenue projections by 90% of what the analysts had predicted. This was largely fueled by the app development community trying to drive traffic to their apps. This demand will continue as the global need and desire for mobile advertising increases due to more and more companies realizing the amazing potential.

The new expansion of mobile advertising for mobile marketers by the publishers is being stalled due to the lack of tracking and transparency. While the publishers try to feverously fix these issues the demand for mobile ads is increasing but not at the pace that it will once the initial kinks are worked out. The slow growth in businesses adoption is driving the price of mobile ads up at a consistent pace but an exponential growth period is expected once the tracking and accountability come to acceptable levels.

The capability of mobile marketing through campaigns such as pay per click is staggering and the costs associated with placing these ads is a bargain at least for now, compared to the other channels. The mobile marketing trends of location-based results and real-time bidding seem to be driving the steady business growth, which we are currently seeing that allows mobile marketers to find success in these ad types. The publishers are working as fast as they can to create an environment that is inviting for mobile marketing and businesses to take advantage of this opportunity. As the features increase and process becomes more transparent the associated costs with running a mobile advertising campaign will increase.

Getting the message to the right person at the right time is a huge advantage that mobile advertising can offer. It will take a bit more time to iron out the kinks but with the mobile marketplace growing at the pace that it is currently growing at, it won’t be long until the publishers are able to close these gaps. The mobile marketing industry is still in its infancy and there is huge potential and huge money that is starting to be realized through this mobile marketing channel. The faster it grows the more growing pains that mobile publishers and marketers will have to endure.

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