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Most businesses could use help to increase sales leads for their representatives to go out and sell more of their products and services. Leads are not hard to come by if you put a strategy into place and do the right things but why do businesses have such a hard time developing a good lead generation strategy? Understanding when to use what kind of advertising strategy is the essential strategy that will increase your B2B sales leads.

As you would expect designing a good ad is essential, independent of advertising channel such as traditional or mobile advertising. There are a few key features that make a good ad for sales lead including focusing on the prospect’s benefits to using your product or service, focusing on headlines, and optimizing your ad to match the reading style of your prospect. Mobile marketing and advertising doesn’t have to be hard or expensive if you know what to look for. Follow these tips to get the most out of your mobile advertising or mobile marketing campaign and increase your sales leads.

Headlines are Key

The headlines should contain a great benefit that will catch the prospect’s attention which may cause them to read on and make an inquiry for more information. Test different headlines and make sure that the benefit that you use is something that will intrigue people.

Bury the features

Once you have their attention through a good headline and a couple benefits make sure that if you have copy space that you give them a little meat; features. The more specific the target market the more likely you will have to include a feature that may be the draw to have them become a lead, but make sure to draw them in with benefits.

Skim factor

Everyone has less and less time to read ads and most people just don’t want to. If you make your mobile ad easy to skim, the will get the message without having to read the whole copy which may solicit more action.

Ads need to be seen

Mobile ads work best when they are present when the prospects are looking for a solution to their problem. By making sure that you mobile advertising strategy is designed to stay in the ring for months or years will provide much better results than a big flashy campaign. Remember lead generation is about a consistent flow of prospects or leads and your ads should be visible over time to make this happen.

Make them an offer they can’t refuse

Once you get their attention your mobile ad needs to have a strong call to action that can give them what they need (or more than they expected for even more response). Making the offer irresistible is a great way to encourage action and increase your mobile advertising lead generation efforts.

Increasing your lead generation through mobile advertising or any advertising medium take a strategy and planning. Use these proven techniques to increase the efficiency of your strategy which will in turn increase the number of leads that you are able to generate; the more the better.

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