Mobile Advertising

Advertising can be a costly endeavor that can lead produce widely different results depending on how well the ads are composed. In order to generate more leads from your advertising efforts you need to make sure that a few basic components, independent of mobile marketing or traditional print, are done well. These components consist of: catchy headlines, give them a reason to act, and make it as simple as possible. With a little bit of work you can drastically change your results and multiply the leads you get from the same mobile marketing ad spend.

Get their Attention

Whether you are doing mobile marketing or traditional print advertising you have to make sure that the headline piques their curiosity and makes them want to read your copy. Generating more leads from advertising first requires that the people are reading or want to pay attention to your ad. Two simple components will change a mediocre headline into one that gets read more often than not are: focusing on the customer’s benefit from the product or service and giving them a reason to keep reading the copy. If people don’t understand the need or they just don’t want to read about another one of whatever you are selling, they’ll simply stop. You need to give them an incentive to keep reading and that could be as simple as an idea of how your product or service can fix one of their needs.

Give them a reason to act

If you are just advertising you product it is estimated that 3% of people that would buy that product are actively searching at that moment. This leaves 97% that aren’t going to buy if you just put up the information, so give them a reason to. People get into patterns and don’t often actively search for the solution. If you can provide them with a reason to act now either through financial savings, scarcity, or exclusivity (or one of many other motivating factors) than your advertising will succeed more often and you will capture another lead. Get them something that is time-sensitive and they will become a lead.

Make it simple

Now that they are motivated to take the next step you have to remove as many barriers as you can. While you need more information from them, start with the minimum amount possible; maybe just an email or a pay per call button. As they move through your sales cycle you can increase the information that you gather by providing them with more and more value. The most important thing once people read through your advertising and are ready to act, is to make it simple for them to act.

Just focusing on these three concepts will radically increase the number of leads that you generate. Once you have the formula down, it doesn’t matter where you advertise; as long as you have customers that may see your ad you will convert the reads to leads much more effectively. Remember to test often and make it simple such as a pay per call button and you will have more leads than you expected from all of your advertising efforts.

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