womanwithphoneHere’s a common scenario: a large goods and services company purchases massive amounts of leads from a third party. The company’s call center staff then calls those leads five or ten times until they reach someone and try to convert the lead to a sale. Sadly – even though those leads may be qualified – they convert at a very low rate. Yet, chances are, this company will continue to purchase more outbound leads because this is how they do things.

Unfortunately, these companies are losing money.

Yes, that might sound controversial, but here’s the thing: instead of buying MORE leads, they could be buying BETTER leads by purchasing inbound leads. In fact, they could be giving away many of their leads to other companies, and still have a lower cost per acquisition (CPA) rate.

This is where inbound mobile marketing – also called Pay Per Call – steps in. Pay per call inbound leads are far superior to outbound leads because not only do they convert at a much higher rate – from 30% to 50% or better – but for many other reasons, including creating a happier call center.

Here’s how it works here at mobileFUSED.

Working together, we determine your ideal lead. Often when buying outbound leads, the lead list is fairly general. For instance, you might be the best seller of auto insurance, but you primarily work with lower income clients who seek minimum coverage. Buying a list that just covers “auto insurance” means you risk having a list of leads that aren’t at all interested in your particular offerings.

When you buy inbound leads from us, we bundle your calls with complementary companies that offer similar services. For example, you might be very competitive for non-insured drivers while another company is only able to cover currently insured drivers. By splitting and sending the right calls to the right buyer, the consumer wins and so do the insurance companies.  By using the perfect interactive voice response (IVR) system, we sell off the leads that won’t work for you.

This not only works for your bottom line, but also creates additional benefits.

Your call center is more effective.

Instead of tying up your call center staff with leads that won’t convert, your call center staff is able to focus on the leads that WILL convert.

Your call center staff morale will increase.

You’ve trained your staff to sell your goods, and that’s what they want to do. If they spend their days frustrated because they cannot reach the outbound leads or those leads stubbornly refuse to convert, you have an unhappy staff to deal with. This can lead to great turnover and low morale.

Your in-user will receive better customer service.

With better qualified leads, your call center staff is able to focus more on education and customer service. Again, this better experience for your in-user will also raise that conversion rate.

Publishers get paid more.

Working with affiliates can be tricky, but there is one absolute truth: if the leads they send you convert, they get paid. Once the IVR is built properly, the affiliate publishers will work hard to send you the very best leads because it affects their bottom line. If your inbound phone leads are converting, they become your loyal brand advocate.

As you can see, there is no doubt that inbound mobile marketing is more effective than buying outbound call leads, and not just because of the higher conversion rate (although that’s pretty great). If you want a happier and more effective call center, you need to give pay per call leads a try.