Generating Addiction Leads

Why mobileFUSED excels at generating addiction leads

People seeking help for addiction are unlike any other so-called “sales” calls. They are not looking to buy a luxury item, or insurance or a subscription. They are looking to change, if not outright save, their very lives.

Rehab leads are genuinely unique in this respect and have to be treated as such. Yet, some lead generator services simply mass generate addiction leads, driving them to online landing pages and signup forms without any thought as to why the person clicked on their ad – as if the leads were for any other sales industry. The caller could be someone looking for a local Alcoholics Anonymous meeting, or trying to find a counselor to fulfill a DUI conviction requirement. Or it could be someone who is intoxicated and just looking for help, but not sure where to turn or what to do.

A rehab lead could be 100 different things other than someone with private health insurance looking for an inpatient stay at a residential treatment center. For intake coordinators or admissions directors at one of these rehab centers that are spending good money on addiction leads, this can be a real problem.

At mobileFUSED, we understand this, which is why we have keypress options on our addiction leads. This way, our client’s call centers know exactly what they are getting as far as what callers are likely looking for, so they are better able to guide them in the right direction. Some of our clients only want people who indicated they have private insurance, others have particularly strong call center representatives who can convert more difficult calls. But no matter what, mobileFUSED partners understand in advance the nature of the inbound calls they are receiving from us and can train their representatives accordingly.

But that isn’t what truly makes mobileFUSED stand apart from other top lead generation companies. What makes mobileFUSED truly different is our call dispositioning and our commitment to working with our partners to understand what their representatives are doing right and where they improve, to help increase their admissions.

Our call monitoring reports three dozen different categories and subcategories, allowing us to pinpoint exactly why a sale was not achieved on each and every call. For example,

  • Was the call center representative overly concerned with the call duration?
  • Was the person calling rude or non-responsive?
  • Were there technical issues?

Of course, if you read our series on dispositioning, you know that the single biggest reason for calls not converting is the sales center representative simply never makes a sales pitch. The person never makes an effort to steer the caller towards a commitment. Fortunately, this issue also happens to be something that is entirely correctable.

We are especially proud of our in-house call monitoring platform – mTrack. Despite being operational for over a year and a half, there has not been a single glitched call or any downtime whatsoever despite processing well over half a million calls. mTrack has exceptional publisher/advertiser flexibility and is able to begin transcription analysis within minutes of post-call. Our partners are able to disposition their calls from anywhere, directly within our system, and make that information available to their call center managers and representatives immediately.

mobileFUSED’s call dispositioning is especially strong for addiction leads because we understand them so well. Again, rehab leads are different from almost anything else in the pay per call services industry. Addiction callers are often vulnerable, afraid and possibly nervous about taking such a big step in their lives. Therefore, it is critically important that call center representatives taking these inbound calls have genuine empathy and appreciation for the courage the caller is showing by making the effort to get help. They have to ask the right questions, make them feel more at ease with their decision to get help, and guide them in the right direction. Understanding this, and our dedication towards working with our partners to train their call centers on properly handling these calls is the single biggest reason why our clients have higher conversion rates with rehab leads with us than with any other lead generation service.

Finally, one of the biggest factors for our success in generating addiction leads can be found in our name. Our leads come entirely from mobile phones or tablets.

The simple fact is that when someone decides they truly need help – the moment of clarity if you will – oftentimes it is a spontaneous decision. When that moment arrives, there is a sense of urgency, a sense that one should not wait any longer to change their lives and get sober. They don’t want to fill out a form or wait for someone to call them back. They want to speak to someone right now and start down that path immediately.

So what do they do when this moment strikes them? They get out their mobile phone. Although this is hardly a unique phenomenon – according to HubSpot, more and more Google searches take place on mobile devices than on desktop computers – it does make mobile leads far more effective than any other form of addiction lead generation, simply because the person is calling during their moment of clarity. The moment when they are most aware they need to take action, and most willing to make a commitment.

Addiction treatment centers which utilize mobile pay per call marketing, adequately pre-screen their inbound calls for quality and take the time to utilize call dispositioning to properly train their call center representatives will likely see tremendous results.

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