Everyone is Valued

Sinan Ovacik, who is the director of business development at mobileFUSED, often compares call centers to pirate ships. This is because the goal is to get to one place and if one crew member (employee) is unhappy, then it spreads. Therefore, it is vital to take care of the crew and provide the captain (manager or owner) with data-driven information, usually found through the Quality Feedback Loop SM , in order to provide evidence of the progress or success ofa campaign. The pirates, captain, and every other party involved should be kept satisfied and well-informed.

Additionally, Sinan compares the philosophy of mobileFUSED to a three-legged stool. One leg is mobileFUSED. The second leg is the advertiser. The third leg is the publisher. Essentially, one leg can’t be too short or else the whole stool will fall and no one will win. Therefore, mobileFUSED strives to make publishers and advertisers happy so that everyone can grow and win together. They consider each campaign to be a team effort.

They Want to Earn Your Trust.

As stated by Wendy Welfelt, who is the director of administration and finance as well as human resources, mobileFUSED “gets to know [their] clients as an industry, business, and people.” Wendy works to build rapport and trust with both advertisers and publishers. Through timely, accurate invoices and quick problem solving, she endeavors to show each publisher and advertiser that mobileFUSED is worthy of their confidence. Each member of mobileFUSED has expressed that consistency and upheld agreements are essential to creating a positive, lasting relationship with their clients, which is beneficial for all parties.