Enrollment period offers challenges, and opportunity

It’s almost here. The 2016-2017 health insurance enrollment period will be upon us in just a few more weeks. It may be the most difficult period yet for a number of reasons, but there is also tremendous opportunity.

There are simply fewer uninsured Americans to draw from for private insurance.  In addition, increases in premiums and – just as importantly – deductibles – are leading more and more of those that remain uninsured to simply choose to accept those IRS penalties and take their chances with staying healthy, rather than absorb costs most believe they simply cannot afford.

In order to be successful, insurers are going to need to do more than simply cold calling and mailing consumers – they will need potential consumers to find them.

That is why focusing on mobile search is now so important.

As with any large, important purchase, consumers thinking about acquiring insurance are going to do their research online first.  This is especially true for health insurance, as many potential consumers have never purchased insurance outside of an employer before, and are unsure of their needs and options.

For the first time ever, more people are searching on mobile devices than on their desktops or laptops.  In fact, according to Google, consumers spend more than 15 hours per week on mobile research, with nearly half of all mobile research being initiated on search engines.

In a highly competitive marketplace, within a limited window, these are exactly the type of consumers to target.  Again, according to Google, 45% of mobile searches are conducted to help make a decision, and 55% of mobile-search influenced conversions take place within one hour.  Of those aged 18-29, 45% use mobile search daily.  Considering that this demographic has a renewed importance this enrollment period, that is no small statistic.

However, digital is only one part of the solution.  As with any large purchase where a potential consumer may have a lot of questions or concerns – agents are still the overwhelmingly preferred choice of consumers looking to buy insurance.  According to the Local Search Association, 38% of consumers prefer to shop for insurance-related products on the web, yet 63% prefer to speak with an agent when making a purchase.  Being able to generate inbound calls to an insurance agent call center remains the most important driver of new sales.

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