pay per call

The days of cold calling leads on a land line to drum up business are over. Most people have a cell phone rather than land line phones and the average person is attached to their cellular device 24 hours a day. Since the Internet is the main source of information for most people, rather about recipes or reviews for products that they are looking to purchase, most advertisers choose to go with pay per click advertising. Pay per click advertising means that advertisers take out ads and pay their affiliates for ad placement each time the ad receives a click. Pay per click can be tricky; leads must be followed through on in order to get sales or revenue regularly.

Pay per call advertising is the new wave of advertisement that works. Pay per call advertisement means that you take out an advertisement through website platforms, similar to pay per click, but instead of clicking through to a website, the customer can call a phone number. Pay per call advertisement works two fold. The usual search platforms, such as Google, are available on mobile phones. While on the go, most people use their smart phones to perform web searches. Searches populate the same results that a person would get with a web browser. The same advertisements can be populated as well. The difference between website searches on a computer and searching through a mobile phone is that mobile phone users have the ability to make a call with the click of a button. Instead of reading information and using pay per click, this is where pay per call marketing comes in.

Toll free calls can be made through mobile phone that are of no further cost to the user or business. A toll free number can be purchased for an inexpensive price as an investment for your business. This toll free number can log the calls that are made to your business and provide you with some information on your marketing leads such as when you receive calls, your busy season, and here the calls are coming from. A click to call advertisement has been shown to be more effective than yellow pages, white pages, and typical internet marketing.

Mobile calls through pay per call advertisements are longer than calls through other methods. A caller staying on the line means that they are likely more interested in the service and give you the opportunity to create a solid customer base. Pay per call advertising will reach millions of American consumers on a daily basis. If you are interested in generating higher revenue and tapping into the next line of technology, consider using pay per call advertisements to expand the visibility of your business.

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