mobile marketing

The prevalence of mobile phones and mobile devices is expanding rapidly and to keep up with this expansion you should learn to harness the new marketing methods of mobile marketing. Not taking advantage of this growing trend will be very costly as the majority of Google searches are now being done by mobile devices, which indicates that the tide is shifting from computers to mobile internet use. The ability of businesses to advertise and market directly to someone’s mobile phone is an amazing new development. Being able to use this to its full potential will give your business the edge that it needs to successfully compete in this global marketplace.

Just a bit of background on the popularity and opportunity that mobile marketing affords here are some interesting facts on the current mobile environment. In 2011, 1 in 5 Google searches were being done from mobile devices compare that to an estimate 3 in 5 Google searches that are now being done by mobile devices, now in 2013. There has been and will continue to be exponential growth in the amount of people that use their phones for browsing and purchases. Being able to advertise and market to these users will play an invaluable role in the success of your business in the coming years.

Using the mobile marketing methods that are available and that will continue to be developed is a great way to use the growing mobile market to grow your business. There are different methods to mobile marketing including pay per call, social media marketing, and banner advertising in phone apps. Being familiar with and using many different mobile marketing strategies will allow you reach your target customer with less cost and more effectiveness. Isn’t that what all small business owners are hoping for? Taking advantage of relatively low cost will help to advertise your product or service to people that are looking in your area to buy what you are offering and grow your business.

The ability to discern the use for each mobile marketing method and being able to implement it with efficiency will allow you to capitalize on the growing mobile dependency. Creating a mobile marketing strategy, testing and refining your process while this market is relatively new will give you the most advantages for gaining customers for your products or services. The ability to use social media marketing and interaction also allows you to analyze and act on the customer feedback in a time frame that would have been unthinkable 10 years ago. Harnessing mobile marketing is a necessary component of any successful business’ advertising and marketing plan.

There have been and will continue to be many different methods to reaching the mobile users with mobile marketing and it is an important marketing channel that you should add to your advertising and marketing strategy. By being able to be in people’s hand and pocket whenever they are searching for something that you are promoting with your business you make the transaction more convenient and therefore add more value to the customer experience. Whenever you add more value your products or services increase and it makes the cost of doing business less. Using mobile marketing is the smart decision and you can start today.