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The money is in the list. This is a common mantra that is talked about by anyone that is familiar with marketing and for good reason. Being able to cultivate a list of people that have bought your product or service and possibly would make another purchase is an extremely valuable digital marketing opportunity. Pair this with the exponential growth of the mobile devices and you have a very interesting way to build an email list. There are a few concepts to understand that will make building an email list with mobile marketing much more effective, and let’s look into them.

The main mechanism for building a list is an opt-in page and with mobile marketing it is no different. Creating an optimized mobile landing page where people can opt-in to your email list is a top priority. Making sure that the landing page is designed properly and visually appealing will help to convince more people to join the list. As with most email building endeavors if you can give away value for the value that they are giving you, you can increase these numbers.

To truly optimize your landing page for success in building an email list with mobile marketing there are a few key elements. The landing page must look good for any mobile device which includes large buttons and proper fonts for readability. The information has to load quickly and pre-load as much personalized information to minimize the user input; the less clicks the better. The call to action, whether that is click to call or fill in email, has to be as prominent as possible and hover over when scrolling.

Creating partnerships as most people familiar with building a list is also a prevalent strategy with mobile marketing. Finding and making a valuable exchange with other mobile marketers and people with SMS lists is one of the best ways to boost your email list building efforts. Thing creatively when looking for someone to partner with and think about all of the mobile marketing tools that you can employ such as QR codes, pay per call, mobile social media, and content creation.

Building an email list with mobile marketing can be more effective than other methods as so many people use mobile devices all the time. Making sure that you have a solid and optimized mobile website will help your mobile marketing strategy to be that much more effective, and you will be able to build your email list that much faster.

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