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Affordable smartphones are going to put even more of the world’s population onto the mobile web. The Mobile Marketing Association of Asia reported that approximately 5 billion have a mobile device while only about 4 billion own a toothbrush. This trend is poised to continue as the manufacturers of smartphones and other mobile devices develop less and less expensive equipment. The advertising opportunity that this subsequently presents is nothing short of astonishing. Developing a mobile marketing strategy early and adapting to the changing digital marketing landscape will position you to take advantage of this opportunity.

There are a number of different things that you can do to increase your mobile marketing results. The following concepts should give you an idea of how to capitalize on the availability and affordability of the smartphones and mobile devices and the advertising opportunity that this presents.

Use QR Codes

These codes bridge the divide between physical world and mobile web. Using QR codes you can bring customers to a contact page that has click to call functionality and transfers them into your sales funnel. QR codes can be used on everything from packaging, signage, print advertising to brick and mortar retail. Although the adoption of QR codes by consumers and advertisers is limited it is a great cost effective method to incorporate into your mobile marketing strategy.

Avoid Unsupported Technologies

When you are designing your digital marketing materials you have to avoid using embedded software such as flash or custom multimedia players because they are often not supported on the mobile web. There are a lot of technologies such as QR codes, pay-per-call and click to call, mobile apps, and mobile optimized landing pages, that can be incorporated to add to the customer experience. Using unsupported technologies will encourage customers to leave your mobile website and possibly leave your sales cycle, but can easily be avoided.

Optimize Emails for Mobile

When developing your mobile marketing around emails there are a few things to keep in mind. Use text and click to call functionality as opposed to call to action buttons or graphics as some devices don’t load images (especially on the more affordable smartphones). The subject lines should and informative and short; if possible 35 characters or less. It is important to time your email distributions to capitalize on the times when your audience is active but not too active. Planning the messages of your digital marketing strategy for email will help increase the response.

The bottom line for a successful mobile marketing plan is to start now and iterate. Use the tools that are available such as pay-per-call and click to call, QR codes, mobile optimized emails or websites. Learning to use the tools that are available will allow you to capitalize on this exploding opportunity.

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