Want to bring more fun, creativity, personality and humor every day to B2B marketers? They don’t always have to be professional and bland. If you want your content to stand out then get in touch with your funnier side.

Having said that, here are 20 jokes only a B2B marketer could understand.

20 B2B Marketing Jokes

Q: Why did the B2B marketing band play unplugged?

A: They refused to pay for amplification

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Q: How does a B2B marketer make her boat go?

A: She uses the sail’s force.

You need to know if your target audience prefers “Don’t Stop Believing” or “Wheel in the Sky.” It’s vital to understand your buyer’s Journey.

Q: Why did the B2B marketer give his pet owl a lollipop?

A: He wanted to make the hoots sweet.

Q: What’s a B2B marketer’s favorite zoo animal?

A: The inbound lynx.

I’m trying to get people to join me in a group of cool kids who still write in notebooks. It’s small so far, but I’m optimizing my paper clique strategy.

Q: Why did the CMO put a fence around her jewelry box?

A: She insists on gating all her assets.

Q: Why did the B2B marketer get fired as a film director?

A: Weak calls to action.

You should always hire a bad B2B marketer to make your butter – they have a high churn rate.

I just started a company to build awareness for volleyball, tennis, and fishing. It’s a small operation, but I have a high net promoter score.

Q: Why does the B2B marketing band only have backup vocals?

A: They’re having trouble getting qualified leads

B2B marketers are so cautious; they wouldn’t kill a fly without a thorough swat analysis.

Q: How many account-based marketers does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

A: Just one, but Sales will take the credit for it.

I wrote an SEO-driven blog about pancakes. It’s at the top of the Maple SERP.

Q: Why are B2B holiday gifts boring to look at?

A: They only use white paper.

I started a whisper campaign for my last B2B client. It had high relevance, but low volume.

Q: Why did the priest get an MBA in B2B marketing?

A: To boost his conversion rate.

Q: How do you market your B2B solution to a cat food company?

A: Develop your purrrrr-sonas.

Why do we call it sales enablement and not BANT-Aid?

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All Jokes Aside…

No matter how dry your topic is, using humor can be a valuable tool to make a connection. If you can engage a reader on an emotional level, it’s more likely to compel them to act.