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The Mobile Fused Pay Per Call Difference...

1. We understand mobile! mobileFUSED has the experience, knowledge and resources to help you acquire new customers and increase your monthly profits. Mobile Fused will take the time to understand your business and what your goals are.

  • We start by getting to know your business, what your goals are and how we can help you acquire new customers. By understanding what type of customers your looking for and your CPA (cost per acquisition) mobileFUSED will be able to help you increase monthly profits.

2. Once your goals are determined, we custom tailor an IVR ( Interactive Voice Response) system for your campaign. This allows your call center reps to focus on selling rather that explaining what it is you do (this saves time and money).

  • mobileFUSED works with you and listens to your feedback which allows us to shape and optimize growth of the campaign.

  • We ensure understanding of your needs and closely monitor campaign success.

3. Your happiness and success is how we measure a job well done. In order to accomplish this we create a constant feedback loop from advertiser to publisher and back to advertiser.

  • This allows us to maintain your goals and image with our publisher so that your campaign stays on top of the publishers mind while maintaining CPA goals for you.

4. If your industry allows, we also perform quality control for you by listening to recorded calls to monitor quality to maintain compliance with all branding and make sure publishers are sending in leads that are top notch.


How Mobile Pay Per Call Works


PayPerCall provides advertisers a simple way to use unique, trackable, phone numbers to track calls across several media platforms.

These channels include mobile, television, print, search, display, coupons, email, blogs, and many more.

By promoting your PayPerCall offer through mobileFUSED, publishers can ensure they get paid commissions for the leads they generate, providing them the opportunity to expand their promotional efforts online and offline campaigns...

And providing you with a steady flow of targeted leads.

PayPerCall is right for you if you're looking to increase your reach (both online and offline), generate more revenue, and
improve your conversion rates.

Get Started Now!

Get Started Now!
Mobile Fused access to Has Offers will be discontinued beginning at 4pm August 18th, please use the Invoca Platform for accessing established accounts