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Mobile Marketing Resources

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The Smartphone And Your Business
According to the Mobile Marketing Association, over 5.1 billion of the 7.0 billion people on the planet own a cell phone. People are using their smartphones for just about any and everything, from keeping current with the latest news to making mobile purchases. Are you taking advantage of it?

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5 Mobile Pay-Per-Call Mistakes
In mobile pay-per-call marketing, just like in any business endeavor, you must have a solid business plan to be successful. Before you explore the lucrative mobile platform, consider these 5 mistakes you should avoid when running your first mobile campaign...

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$1,500 Per Day With Mobile Marketing!
When you need something and you're on the go, where do you turn? The answer is, you turn to your phone. No, I'm not talking about that thing plugged into your wall… I'm talking about the almighty cell phone!

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Justin Elenberg Wins Advertiser360 Challenge!
Advertiser360, the education resource for online entrepreneurs, has just announced the winner of its yearly Million Dollar Challenge. The honor just went to Justin Elenburg, co-founder of the mobile pay-per-call network mobileFUSED!

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iCan Health Insurance Sees Profits Soar With mobileFUSED!
iCan Health Insurance, a nationwide health insurance provider, has found its "calling" when it comes to driving high-volume health insurance leads into its business with mobile pioneers mobileFUSED!



mobileFused Media Kit

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Learn more about who we are and what we do with this quick corporate overview.

Just 6 pages long and perfect for printing, this "brochure" will give you a quick glimpse into how Pay-Per-Call works, and why mobileFUSED is the perfect captain to help you navigate these new and unfamiliar waters.

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Mobile Fused access to Has Offers will be discontinued beginning at 4pm August 18th, please use the Invoca Platform for accessing established accounts